Used Car Parts from the Friendly, Family-owned Salvage Yard in Big Lake, Minnesota

Jerry’s Auto Parts & Salvage supplies used auto parts to the public, insurance companies, repair shops, fleet companies and do-it-yourselfer (DIYers).

Used car and truck parts from Jerry’s Auto Parts & Salvage are brought to you by a family owned business with almost 50 years of auto recycling experience. Jerry’s has been family owned and operated since 1961. And today, we are buying and adding new inventory every day.

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Jerry’s Auto Parts & Salvage began in 1961…

That’s when Jerry Buckley began offering used auto parts to the community of Big Lake, Minnesota, with a 1951 Ford and 1955 Chevrolet as his first part vehicles. In those days we were referred to as a Junk Yard. Now we are known as an Auto Salvage Yard or Auto Recycling Center.

Jerry’s today…

Jerry’s Auto Salvage has grown into a 40-acre site handling American and Foreign auto parts, truck parts, van and SUV parts. Jerry’s is now proudly on its second generation of ownership.

Jerry Buckley’s children, Mike Buckley and Mary Lemke, and their employees are committed to continuing to supply their customers with the quality automotive parts and friendly service they have enjoyed for more nearly 50 years.

“We sell the best and recycle the rest.“

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Contact Jerry’s from 8am ‘till 5pm, Monday thru Friday, ask about available parts for your vehicle, nationwide same-day shipping, free delivery to local repair shops and extended warranties.

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