Parts Warranty Policy

Standard Part Warranty:

All parts sold by Jerry’s Auto Salvage come with a Standard 90-day Warranty.  THIS IS A PART ONLY WARRANTY.  ADDITIONAL PART AND LABOR WARRANTES ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.

6-Month and1-Year Extended Warranties:

A 6-month or 1-year extended warranty can be purchased on all parts we sell.   This will protect our customer on the part only, for a period of 6 months or 1 year from the date of purchase.  The cost of this warranty is 10 percent of the purchase price for the 6-month warranty or 20 percent of the purchase price for the 1-year warranty.   If the part fails within the 6 month warranty period, Jerry’s will repair, replace or refund (our choice) the part for our customer

Labor Warranty:

None of the parts we sell come with a standard labor warranty.  You can purchase a labor warranty on any part we sell.  Installation of larger parts;  engines, transmissions, transaxles, transfer cases, rear ends, and front axle assemblies must be installed by an ASE certified shop or a shop Jerry’s is familiar with and confident the part will be installed correctly.  Confirm your installer is ASE Certified or get the approval of Jerry’s before you purchase a labor warranty on these parts.   All other parts may have a labor warranty purchased without an ASE Certified shop installing them. 

When a labor warranty is purchased it will protect our customer on the costs of repairing or replacing the warranted part if it fails within the part warranty period.  Example:  If you purchased a 6-month warranty, the labor warranty would also be for 6 months.   All repairs or replacements must be approved by Jerry’s Auto Salvage before any work is done – failure to do so will result in voiding the labor warranty.  Payment for the labor warranty will be paid out once a bill is submitted to Jerry’s from the repair facility.  If the repair is being done by a private party Jerry’s will pay out $50.00 per hour according to the “ Mitchell” flat rate.   If all of the warranty money is not used in the initial repair the remainder of the warranty money would be available if there were any other repairs or replacements needed during the warranty period.   Example:  Customer purchases a 6-month part warranty and a labor warranty for $500.00 worth of coverage.  Part fails in 3 months.  A replacement part is installed at a cost of $300.00.   Jerry’s pays out the $300.00 to the customer on the warranty.   Customer now has $200.00 remaining on the labor warranty which will expire at the same time as the 6-month part warranty.  If the part fails again at 5 months and it costs $300.00 to replace it again the customer would receive the remaining $200.00 of the warranty.   

Cost of a labor warranty is 25% of the amount you want for coverage.   Example:  $ 100.00 coverage will cost $25.00.   You choose the amount of coverage you want.  

Important Warranty Information Read Carefully!

Regarding Engines:  Accessories such as alternators, starters, water pump, intake and exhaust manifolds, fuel injectors, carburetor, TBI, flywheel, brackets, oil pressure switches, thermostats, sensors, switches, smog emission devices, and timing belts are complementary if still attached to the engine and do not necessarily come with the engine.  These parts are not covered under Jerry’s limited warranty, and we do not guarantee interchangeability of these items.

At the time of installation of Engines and in order to maintain coverage under the warranty, it is required that the installer:

1) Install a new thermostat
2) Change oil and filter prior to starting
) Replace timing belt.  
) Flush and check radiator flow.
5) Install new oil seals and gaskets where necessary (oil leaks are not covered under warranty).  
) Keep invoices for all parts purchased.  
) Retain all service and maintenance records. 

Regarding Transmissions, it is required that the installer:

1) Replace all external seals.  
) Replace filter and fluid. 
3) Flush transmission cooling system including lines and cooler.
4) Properly seat torque converter on an automatic transmission. 

Regarding Air Conditioning Compressors, it is required that:

A new receiver dryer and orifice must be installed (and invoice for these parts is required for warranty coverage).

Other Warranty information:

Engines sold by Jerry’s are Marked, Stamped, and have Heat Tabs which indicate overheating.  If Heat Tab is melted or removed all warranties are void. 

Jerry’s Auto Salvage must be notified of any faulty part as soon as possible, after installation and while part is still installed in the vehicle. 

Defective part must remain installed in vehicle until an authorized Jerry’s Auto Salvage representative can confirm the defect.

Improper installation methods will void warranty.

Any merchandise or invoice marked AS-IS will void the limited warranty.  This means No Warranty and No Return.

Commercial use, Racing or use of part in Watercraft will void all warranties. 

Buyer agrees that Jerry’s Auto Salvage will not be responsible for:

1) Incidental or consequential damage 2) Lost profits, sales or income.  3) Injury to person or property 4) Oil, antifreeze, or other substances.  5) Towing charges, storage fees, substitute transportation, lodging etc.  6) Purchase price or labor on fluids, seals, filters, gasket kits, oil pumps, or any other accessories our customer purchases to be used on the part purchased from Jerry’s Auto Salvage. 


All returns must be accompanied by the original invoice.   Any claim made after the expiration of the warranty will not be considered.   Parts not defective may be returned within 10 days of purchase.  These are subject to acceptance by Jerry’s Auto Salvage and will have a 20% restocking charge if accepted.  We do not accept wiring or electrical returns.   Altered or damaged parts are not returnable.  To be returnable, the part must be in the same condition as when sold.  Our return policy is applicable to in-stock parts only.  All brokered and special order parts are nonrefundable.

Exchange cores must be turned in at the time of purchase or a core charge will be made.  The core charge will be refunded if the core is returned within 30 days, complete and drained of fluids.

The obligation of the warrantor is limited to repair, replacement or refund only.

Updated version:  April 2018,   Jerry’s Auto Salvage   20798 US Hwy 10 SE, Big Lake, MN 55309   763-263-2600

All parts sold by Jerry’s Auto Salvage come with a Standard 90 day Warranty.  THIS IS A PART ONLY WARRANTY.  ADDITIONAL PART AND LABOR WARRANTES ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE